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English Conversation - AT THE AIRPORT

English conversation -At the Airport
Improve English Speaking through everyday conversation At the Airport
I have written a detailed book English conversation for all occasions, to learn English as Foreign Language.
This tutorial Conversation about English conversation -At the Airport has been prepared from my well known book English conversation for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to improve everyday conversation.. The focus is on family,
English Conversation for All Occasions is a unique book of its kind, specially written to help Indian student. A quick look at the titles of the lessons would convince the reader that the book has been prepared by visualizing all types of situational conversations which may confront any man or woman in his daily activities. Whether one converses with his family members or moves about to mix in society, he will not feel tongue-tied for want of appropriate words or expressions. In a post office or barber’s shop, at a hotel or taxi stand, every person who has read this book, will be able to speak in English fluently and with confidence.
Ranjan has arrived at the airport to catch flight B A 201 to Calcutta.
Ranjan porter! Porter?
Porter Yes sir. Only one bag? flight and airlines sir?
Ranjan to domestic flight to Calcutta.
Porter This way sir. Please pay Re 10 for porterage per luggage at the airline ticket counter.
Porter age counter One piece sir? Here is your baggage ticket?
Rajan (To the poter). Has the flight to Calcutta been called yet?
Porter Yes sir. Please stand in that line and wait for your turn.
Voice on the P.A. system your attention please. Calling all passengers traveling by Bharat Airlines Flight No.201 to Calcutta. Passengers are requested to check in their baggage at the ticket counter. Thank you.
Man at the Ticket counter your ticket please, sir. Please place your luggage on a weighing machine .As per the airlines regulations,luggage allownce is only 20 kg.
Ranjan Where is the weighing machine to follow baggage restrictions?
Man at the Ticket counter Just at your right hand side. Thank-you sir. Here is your baggage ticket, Do you have any hand baggage.
Ranjan Yes, one piece.
Man at the Ticket counter Here is a baggage tag for your hand baggage. Please keep the baggage ticket carefully sir. You’ll require it to claim your baggage at Calcutta. Here is your flight ticket and your boarding card. Thank you. Next please.
Airport Ticket Counter

Ranjan sits on a couch in the waiting lounge.
Girl on the P.A. System All passengers traveling to Calcutta by Bharat Airlines flight No.201 are requested to proceed for airport security check. Thank you.
Ranjan (Inside the security check enclosure).
What do you want to check?
Security Inspector Are you carrying any fire arms or a pointed instrument?
Ranjan No i do not have any kind of fire arm.
Inspector (Feeling Ranjan all over). This is just routine, sir. We have to be careful about security , you know. What with all these hijackings going on.
Ranjan Yes, the newspapers are full of it these hijackings. I wonder how these people do it?
Airport Security Check

Inspector One cannot be too careful. Do you have any hand baggage ?
Rajan Yes, this briefcase.
Inspector Please open it. Right, that is all. Here let me stamp your Boarding card. Thank you.
Ranjan passes through the security check enclosure and waits in another lounge. After ten minutes.
Airport Hand Baggage

Girl on the P.A. system Bharat Airlines Flight 201 to Calcutta is now ready for departure. Passengers are requested to proceed to the aircraft. Please keep your boarding cards ready.
Ranjan (To the passenger walking next to him). Excuse me sir, which is the aeroplane that we board?
Passenger The bus standing at the entrance will take us to the correct aircraft.
Airport bus

Ground Hostess Good evening sir. May I see your boarding card, please? Thank you.
Ranjan Excuse me, where do I go?
Ground Hostess Please get into that bus
Ranjan (sitting in the Bharat Airlines bus, talks to his neighbour). I must say, I’ am most impressed with the efficiency of the Airlines. Air travel is so much more organized, faster cleaner than any other form of travel. Don’t you think so?
Fellow Passenger Yes. It certainly is the fastest way of getting from one place to another. I am a businessman. Very often I travel to Delhi by the morning plane, do my work in Delhi and then return to Calcutta by the evening flight.
Aeroplane moving towards runway

Ranjan Isn’t that wonderful? You can travel 2000 miles in a day and do a full day’s work as well.
Fellow Passenger Yes, but this business of Security check wastes so much time. Then the planes are not keeping to their correct timings. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and upsetting too.
Ranjan Here we are Sir. May I hold one of your bags ?
Passenger No thank you I can carry both my bags. Thank you all the same for the offer.

Comfort air conditioned
Cheques lounge
Tag overnight bag


A travel agency to check in
A long wait to arrive in time


Porter age wages paid to a porter.
Porter a person who carries baggage.
To check in
Baggage to deposit luggage with the airlines
Proceed to go forward to. tag : a label.
To check in to report, to give intimation of arrival.
Baggage ticket a small ticket half of which is attached to the suitcase and the other half
is handed over to the passenger.
Boarding card a card which states the flight No. and the seat No. of the passenger.
P.A. system public announcement system. Announcements are made over a microphone.
Enclosure a shut off space, a covered place
Efficient capable.
Frustrating disappointing.
Cheques a written orders to a banker to pay a sum.
Lounge a place to relax in.

(C) Study the following response

1 Air travel is the safest way of traveling.
Response -
I cannot agree with that statement. An areoplane is a marvelous invention of science. The plane like a great bird at great speed over vast distance of space. But it is 36.000ft.above the earth, sometime at speed faster than sound. But it is a machine after all. Anything can go wrong with it. I feel very scared of travelling in an aero plane.

2 What are the various ways of traveling from one place to another?
The conveyance one chooses to travel by depends on the distance to be covered, the time available to the traveler and the amount of money he is able to spend. The different forms of transportation available in India are private cars, taxis, buses. Scooter rickshaws, scooters, moter cycles, mopeds, cycle rickshaws, Tongas drawn by horses and even bicycles. I guess, on rare occasions, horses, elephants and camels could also be used.

(D) Make suitable response
1 Have you travelled by air? If so, where did you go?
_________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

2 If you have traveled by air, describe how you felt on your first flight.
__________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

3 If you have not travelled by air, would you like to make a journey by air? Why?
_________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

4 From where would you buy an air ticket?
________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
Good knowledge and satisfactory conversation drill is important in English speaking. This Tutorial would not only prove an asset to the reader in his daily life, but also on special occasions like interviews for jobs, etc. He would be able to face the interviewers with equanimity and confidence.
All the lessons have been designed in a programmed fashion. Word-meanings, Phrases and exercises have been added at the end of every lesson to help the students master the topics.
All the lesson should be read along, not once but many times, so that the conversation comes easy to the reader when he faces real life situations. The author would feel rewarded for his labours if the book helps men and women become social relations
This Tutoial should help all those readers who find difficulty in speaking fluent English. This will be completed in 45 lessons.

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